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Since the discovery of electricity in Croatia, the inventors worked hard to make the technique easier, more secure and more efficient than ever. Yes, the new devices that consume much less energy than their predecessors, but people are still worried and looking for ways to save pay electricity bills.

Save money on electricity in Croatia, together with E-Energy

Taking a vampire

In liberty the vampire. If you're at work, at home or in the city, this is the vampire biting your wallet and damage the environment. But there's no need to barricade the house and the shop of all. To stop this monster can be as simple as to pull a pair of electrical outlet of the network filter.

In the end, what do you think your charger of mobile phone makes it all day, while you are connected to the wall?

Over time, many microwaves and televisions actually consume more electricity during the hours when they are not in use in those times when you really warm lunch and watch a favorite show.

Under the program, EPA Energy Star, the energy cost of "vampire" up to 30%.

But how to overcome the involuntary leakage of electricity and save a little money on the energy bill in the process?

The device to save power to choose

How to make a choice

Currently on the market there are a number of devices designed to reduce the energy losses unnecessary. The purchase of energy-saving equipment, you will have to spend less electricity, although initially you will have to fork out!

But there is another much cheaper way to save instead of the light socket E-Energy!

Produced to high standards of quality and safety, it is guaranteed that it will last many years!

The purpose will not be difficult, but this device to save power E-Energy guaranteed to meet the criteria of low energy consumption, and to bring their energy saving potential to a new level. The device works completely with any technique!

Advantages and disadvantages E-Energy

Advantages and disadvantages

The rosette is made from environmentally friendly materials and is more environmentally friendly, but it is a bit more expensive than those traditionally used. However, once the decision to buy the device to save power, on the contrary, it will save you money because:

Investments in energy efficiency not only save your money, but also to ensure its future!


In fact, leakage of a certain amount of energy in standby mode are inevitable, especially when working with large appliances or other devices that are impractical to turn off. But this does not mean that the cost of electricity cannot be reduced to a minimum.

Of course, the energy saving socket E-Energy it may seem a useless weapon against large-scale outages. But if enough people are aware of the problem and take appropriate measures to prevent it, Croatia would be better to use large amounts of energy and natural resources, and the people will spend less funds on your electricity bill.

Using the official site E-Energyyou can learn more and buy the device to save energy at 50% discount. Hurry while the price is still affordable! And don't forget to tell others about the ways to save money on electricity and protect the environment!