Experience in the use of E-Energy

My relationship with E-Energy

The output of the photo

Hello friends! Recently ordered this device for energy saving E-Energy. He looks like a regular dam, but not of everything, but all in good time!

I have a garage where I like to spend free time, but in the winter it is very cold and the batteries from freezing. The heater worked all day? Is not money is not enough! And when I find the advertising of this miracle of technology, I realized that this is my version and I think!

Time was enough to explore the product fully, and I quickly place your order through the official website E-Energybecause 50% discount is nothing to sneeze at. By the way, before the Internet I used to buy train tickets, so worried about the delivery but it was in vain. Immediately after ordering I was put in contact with the Manager and a week later a package notice.

How to use the device, I was taught manual! It is very simple:

  1. You must first insert in the network of our smart gadget;
  2. Then, connect the right email;
  3. To all of you!!! Now you can set the timer to auto-disconnect the power!

Compare the difference of energy consumption is remarkable: almost a fourth part, which is very nice and allows you to save on electricity bills today!

This is it! I hope that my experience in the use and application of E-Energy be useful for you! Without a doubt, recommend!