Reviews E-Energy

  • Luka
    Was very happy when I received the device in the mail. Brought home, connected to the nearest source of food, as requested in the instructions, and waited patiently. In the past month and, to my surprise, the difference is 30%! Device really saves electricity!
  • Ana
    I had one of those out to buy, certainly, not for price, we offer a discount in the official store. Was curious to see this miracle in action. The money is not great for my curiosity, but you already know that this is a big advantage!
  • Maja
    Hello! As all of our time trying to save on electricity, Internet and all kinds of advertising on account of the urgency of the topic, ask and I sent a couple of these points of sale. The result, from the first day! Now the energy problem in my home is finally solved!
  • Dino
    It took me a couple of carnations and really liked the product e-energy... Both work fine and save the money for more than six months. Definitely recommend!
  • Mario
    I use e-energy in your garage. In the winter, run a small heater so the pipes don't freeze. With the task of saving cope u-RA!
Rating E-Energy