Instructions for use E-Energy

Instruction and application E-Energy

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Monitoring of the leakage of electricity in Croatia is only beginning to gain popularity. And to learn how to use the device for energy saving, for you to get familiar with the following instructions of use.

  1. Connect remotely to the network. This will provide power so that you can actively save money without consuming the amount of energy;
  2. Then, connect the device that should be powered from the network. A good example of how the devices are stereo systems, printers, scanners or other electronic devices such as a TV, computer or game system;
  3. Now your smart socket must be connected and ready to start saving money. Check — try to turn on the device connected to the same.

General safety rules

Read this manual carefully before first use!

  • Do not expose this product to moisture, dust or extreme temperatures;
  • Do not attempt to open the casing of the product. In the interior there are no serviceable parts buyer;
  • Do not repair the device yourself, if your device is not working properly, unplug the product from power and contact the support team.
  • Monitor small children, so do not play with the product;
  • Do not expose to chemicals, oils or other liquids;
  • Do not drop or expose the device to shocks;
  • Unplug the unit during lightning storms or when not in use for a long time.

Answers to questions popular

Question The answer
As many, actually save electricity when it is connected to a power outlet E-Energy? Depending on the time that the connected device is not being used, normally, the difference is more than 10%.
Can I install several points of sale of the house? Of course, it is best to fill the house full of them, then the effect is more remarkable and the savings is more.
And do these protection devices against the fire? If the user is connected to a device for energy-saving gadget is completely off, the only fire can start due to poor or old wiring.
How many days takes the delivery? in Croatia with shipping in 5-10 days.
Is there a guarantee? 24 months guarantee.
There are contraindications to the use of the device? No, there is only the testimony - the desire to save on electricity and take care of the nature!!!