How to save energy

As they say, "the economy has to be economical", so today I want to talk about how to save electricity. Why do I need this? - you ask. And just try to count all the electrical appliances in the apartment you use. How many of them did you get? Five? Ten? Twenty? Yes, you yourself are probably surprised by this amount. Let's see who matters most. Reflect your calculations and equipment list in the comments. Let's see who has more!

robotic lamp and energy saving

Previously, there were far fewer electrical appliances in ordinary people's homes. In the beginning there was only one pear, which is not recommended to eat, namely a bulb. By the way, we are still talking about electricity simply: "I have to pay for the light", as if only the lamps in our apartments were working. But that time has passed. Tape recorders and televisions began to appear in the family. . . computers. . . microwave ovens. . . iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad and other aj - power eaters.

Why we should save electricity

The first reason: it costs money and the money will be useful to us not only to pay electricity bills.

The second reason: to get electricity, as a rule, certain natural resources are spent. We, the people, the consumers are still the same: we get resources, but we do not replenish them. Let's save at least some money.

How to save electricity

This article contains just a few tips on how you can save energy. So let's go!

Energy saving lamp for energy saving
  1. Used - off. Train yourself and your family members to turn off those electrical appliances that are not needed at the moment. For example, when you are at home or in an apartment, do not turn on the light wherever possible. Do not forget to turn off unnecessary light sources. The same can be said for a TV or computer. Do not leave them at "just in case". This "just in case" will then crawl into your pocket along with a utility bill. In addition, there has been a recent study claiming that most electrical appliances that are on standby also consume a lot of electricity. Sometimes the difference between waiting and working to consume is almost the same. Try to disconnect what is unnecessary at the moment.
  2. Use daylight. Many people turn on the electric light, often just like that, out of habit, even when it is still quite light outside. Try to break this habit.
  3. Energy saving lamps. This is another opportunity to save energy. They consume several times less electricity than incandescent bulbs. The service life of such (non-false) lamps is five to seven times longer than ordinary ones. Although there are still many questions about the use of energy saving lamps.
  4. A day-night counter, or more precisely a two-tariff counter, will allow you to save a lot of money. If you already have it installed, switch to a nightlife lifestyle. Shaka! But, you can still change something. For example, why not turn on the washing machine at night, it will turn itself off later. If you are a fan of ironing everything in your wardrobe, from sheets to lace, you can also do it to save money during the free tariff action. So what do you think.
  5. Save electricity when using electrical appliances. Do you cook sausages on the electric stove? Why throw away a big pot full of water. Also when boiling water in an electric kettle. You need a cup of tea, do not boil a full pot. Do not allow the iron to heat up. Modern irons, as a rule, are ready for use within 30 seconds - one minute after ignition. And you can turn off the iron a few minutes before the end of operation. It cools much longer than it heats up. Refrigerator. If you do not put hot pots in it, it will eat less electricity. Also, try to place the refrigerator away from radiators.

So tips are taken. But they will be of little use if you do not implement them. Try to use at least some soon. Remember to compare meter readings later.