We save electricity

bulbs to save energy

Anyone who runs a family, deals with problems of daily life, knows very well how often there is not enough money for something that is out of the category of necessities!

Every housewife wants to save some money, especially if the family budget is already small.

Let's try to cut electricity bills a bit and see what the result is.

It may seem like a small thing, but in fact, with a reasonable approach to saving electricity in an apartment, knowing a few tricks can free up considerable funds.

Do not forget to turn off electrical appliances

For example, a TV. Older model models with a photographic tube receive about 100 watts of power during operation, in the off state - 2 watts. The latest plasma and LCD TVs require more - 400 watts for operation and 4 watts for standby. They switch to standby mode by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control. Do not be too lazy to click on it in time!

DVD player. It can be turned off completely if it is of a new generation. When turned off, such a player will save all its settings, even the date and time, and reset them the next time it connects to the network. But there are devices that are recommended to be left in standby mode overnight. This is important for the software updates you receive.

Computers. It can be left if you work closely with it at home during the day. If you are away from work, then it is better to turn off the monitor as well. Auxiliary devices, such as scanners, printers, should always be turned off after finishing work with them.

Charger. When recharging a phone or other device, the charger will not receive much power. But it should be disconnected from the grid when the recharge is over, as it continues to consume electricity and will not work as little during the day.

Some other tricks to save electricity

It is very profitable to replace Ilyich bulbs all over the house with new energy saving bulbs, they consume much less energy. And you should definitely turn off the light in an empty room, even if you left it on for 10 minutes. For some reason, many people believe that frequent clicking of the switch negatively affects the life of the lamp, as an increase in energy occurs. These speculations have no real basis. You should always turn off the light behind you if you are saving money.

Washing machine. Wash clothes at a lower temperature, colored 30-40 degrees instead of 60, white at 60 instead of 90. In most cases, you will not see a change in the quality of the wash and the energy saving will beVisible. For better washing, today they use not high water temperature, but high quality powder. Furthermore, try to enter the drying mode as little as possible.

Try to follow all these simple recipes for at least a month, bring to the consciousness of family members the need to save electricity. And at the end of the month, look at the counter and make an analogy with past expenses. Are you convinced? Then let it become a habit to save electricity in your apartment.