20 simple tips to save energy consumption

Energy saving is becoming a serious problem. And the issue is not entirely in the consciousness of the people, but in the fact that utility tariffs are constantly rising. Everyone who receives a bill at the end of the month asks the question: "how to save electricity"?

In this article, 20 simple tips are written, thanks to which you can significantly save electricity.

intelligent outlet to save electricity

Council number 1

Remove the plugs from the socket. Electrical appliances, even in standby mode, can consume electricity. Therefore, turn off all "red lights" and disconnect all wires from the mains.

Council number 2

Buy only energy saving light bulbs. Despite the fact that they are significantly more expensive than incandescent lamps, they save 3-4 times more electricity and last 10-12 times longer.

Council number 3

Turn off the lights. Although it is common, take care that the lamps and electrical appliances in the apartment do not work in vain (they forgot to turn off the lights in the hallway, the TV is on, but no one is watching).

There is a good way that can help in this matter. If a child lives with you (daughter, son, sister, grandson, and so on), name him or her an "electricity controller. "If the child sees that one of the adult occupants of the apartment has not turned off the light, then he must pay a fine. The effect is amazing - the family saves electricity, the child earns pocket money for inattentive relatives.

Tip number 4

Shake the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner will work much more powerfully if there is no debris inside it. Cleaning will be completed faster, so less energy will be needed.

Council number 5

Soak clothes before washing them. Dirt will quickly be removed from the clothes and it will not be necessary to wash it several times in the washing machine.

Council number 6

Defrost the refrigerator. A frozen freezer frozen with frozen ice will work 15% worse.

Council number 7

Install a dual rate meter. The night tariff is valid from 23: 00 to 07: 00. The price of electricity during this period is twice cheaper compared to the day. Conventional meters count all the energy used in a balance. Therefore, it is not clear how much is spent during the day and how much at night. To split usage into two different equilibria, you need to purchase a two-tariff meter. Customers who use this claim that the money spent on installation is rewarded in 2-3 years.

To use such a counter more efficiently, it is best to have a delayed start mode on the device. Now this feature is not uncommon. With it there are many washing machines, ovens, bakery machines. Such a technique can be programmed in the evening, and in the morning hang the washed clothes, eat breakfast with pilaf and fresh cake. And the nice thing is that the electricity used, for these benefits of civilization, will cost half the usual.

Council number 8

Use area lighting. There is no need to turn on the light in the whole room, it is enough to illuminate individual areas. For these purposes, you can use less powerful bulbs than are usually placed in the main chandelier.

Council number 9

Choose light wallpaper. Sunlight jumps out of the white. Therefore, in a white room will always be easier than in an apartment with a dark interior.

Tip number 10

Cleanliness is the key not only to health but also to savings. A clean bulb shines 15% more. And also remember that clean windows allow better sunlight. Therefore, it is better to do the cleaning than to pay extra for utilities.

Tip number 11

Remove the scales from the boiler. A boiled pot will take much longer to boil than a clean one. It makes sense to clean it. It is not difficult to do this: Pour a small amount of water into the pot, pour 15 grams of baking soda and boil. Discard the water and repeat this procedure again, but with citric acid.

Tip number 12

Remove the scales from the washing machine. Like a kettle, a washing machine consumes a lot of electricity when scales are piled up in the water heating parts. The car must be cleaned in the same way as at the top no. 11, boiler, only you need to get more citric acid - 5 bags. Throw one in the kettle itself, the other where you pour the washing powder. Set the cooking mode.

Citric acid can be replaced with acetic acid. Pour 50 ml into the machine and also pour 90 degree water. But keep in mind that acetic acid is more aggressive than citric acid. Vinegar will clean the water faster, but can damage the rubber parts of the washing machine.

Tip # 13

Replace wiring, sometimes the increase in power consumption is due to old wiring

Tip # 14

Buy equipment, class A, AA, AAA. these are the most economical energy classes. This indicator is calculated according to the electricity consumption of the device for the year in standard consumption. If, for example, a washing machine consumes 55% of the standard, then this is class A, up to 75% - class B, up to 95% - C, and so on.

Tip number 15

Do not place the refrigerator near the radiator or near the wall. He will work hard.

Tip number 16

Do not place hot food in the refrigerator. He will expend extra energy to cool the food.

Tip # 17

Do not dry excess clothes, wet them with a spray bottle. Otherwise, the ironing time will be significantly increased. Slightly damp clothes iron much faster. As a result, less electricity is used.

Tip # 18

Choose a laptop instead of a computer. On average, a laptop consumes 60 watts per hour, while a computer (system unit, monitor, speakers) consumes 220 watts. As you can see, laptops are much more economical.

Tip # 19

Clean your computer from dust. As mentioned above, all electrical appliances overflowing with dust, scale or dirt will operate in upgraded mode. The computer is no exception. Therefore, do not forget to clean the system unit from dust in time. Additionally, if the system unit overheats too much, it can even get worse. By cleaning your computer on time, you will save yourself from a sudden purchase.

Tip # 20

Select LCD monitors. LCD monitors consume 3 times less power than their counterpart CRT monitors.

Use these tips and your electricity bills will pleasantly surprise you in the near future.