The saving of energy. What do we mean by energy efficiency?

Energy saving the rational use of energy. Of course, the technique of reconstruction of the installations systems and industrial heating, the introduction of new technologies, recycling thermal energy, the use of renewable energy sources require large expenses. But in the long term: the practice of European countries that show the revision, in our daily life, their habits and behaviors, you can reduce the energy demand. And this does not mean deterioration of the quality of life, or the comfort of the rejection.

energy saving

The total consumption of the energy of the home the lion's share — 79% goes to space heating, 15% of the energy is used for processes-thermal (water heating, you can cook, etc.), 5% consumption d energy appliances and 1% of the energy that is used for the il·il·luminació, the radio and television arm.

In What l ' d 1 kWh of energy?

It takes 1 kWh of energy by:

  • 50 hours of radio
  • 110 hours to shave with an electric razor
  • 17 hours left to burn the power lamp 60W
  • 12 hours to watch a color TV
  • 2 hours suck
  • shower take a 5 minute
  • in the heat of 6 degrees bathroom full of water (150L)

Energy accounting

In the laws of the Republic of Belarus "On energy saving" provides for the obligation on account of received by physical persons and legal entities of energy. Work in this direction is in constant growth. So that in all new homes measuring devices of the installed in the building, as in the old housing stock will have to do it ourselves.

This will allow us to:

  • only pay for the amount of energy that You have received
  • to refuse to pay for the low-energy quality
  • effectively save energy

The instal·instal·lació of measuring devices of energy resources costly, but the recovery of the investment in some cases, a good enough.

House heating

Heating costs, the main element in the public services. In this situation, the implementation of measurement systems allows the monitoring and control of the production and use of thermal energy. And, above all, these systems offer economic influence in the relationship with the supplier. Learn how to use the thermal energy mainly in our country and the most important thing.

Saving electricity

To save on electricity on the one hand, the easiest way, in most cases, there is no measurement, and ongoing events provide un immediate economic effect. On the other hand, the most difficult, because there are no measures that allow to immediately get great savings. Therefore, the saving of the delicate, painstaking I and constant work. The electricity in the home to decrease the 9-10% of the energy needed. And although the use of the home, appliances features energy saving (in comparison to the heating and sanitary hot water), a limited, but You pay the bills you can see that this type of energy, a relatively expensive. When shopping from home, household appliances, pay attention to the power consumption, the models and comparing different manufacturers. In a family of 4 people, 1/5 of the energy that reaches the care of the things, the clothes. Using modern technology and changing our habits and s save up to the un 40% of the electricity.

Did you know?

A water tap that drips (10 drops per minute) flows up to 2000 litres of water per head. And if each un of the four members of His family, let me open the tap of water in just 5 minutes a day, you lose d 7 kWh energy throwing through the window a lot? Take much cheaper than to take the un bathroom. Taking un bath (140-180 litres) consumes three times more energy than a taking a 5 min shower. The les nozzles a taps allow the un more efficient use of the water.

the energy-saving


No team should be selected on the basis of the needs. Perhaps, many d agreement that will be to acquire un professional office cleaner for the un small apartment and impractical as a powerful washing machine 7 kg of clothing for a small family. And, however, all the equipment of the home and now more energy efficient. There is a perception that, in addition to cars. Not really offers as well, or at least not very much, and the savings in operation will be affected so awesome.

The energy savings in the use of the il·il·luminació

Light in the house, it should be pretty, and beneficial to health, and, in general, feel warm and comfortable. However, very bright light, and irritating, in order to make the un more efficient use of local, site of the il·il·luminació. Now on sale there are a variety of lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and lamps. You are able to choose a burst, and the budget of the interior. Use the right kind of il·il·luminació: In the place of work (no importa or in writing of the un's work kitchen table), a good one to use fluorescent lamps LD with soft light. If it is a Desktop that You and especially your fill, spend un lot of time, comfortable, and the light that was equipped with high frequency electronic ballasts. In the hallway and in the kitchen, in the light of times cream day and night, and recommended the use of fluorescent lamps "compact". They are more than that of car light bulbs, but if you are not used to turn off the lights, and pay quickly. More than the light flux of them great in a way that successfully replace too powerful incandescent lamp.

Advanced use of il·il·luminació technology (energy saving light, lighting) allows you to save up a un 60% of the electricity. The economic conditions of use of the il * lighting — planning of compliance requirements installed il·il·luminació and lighting Mnogoplanovo spider on the ceiling provides a il·il·luminació of the whole room, but leads to the undesirable formacio of the shadows when working at a Desk, sewing machine in the corner with toys. Focused il·il·luminació, in spite of the lower power lamps will provide a better il·il·luminació sense unwanted shadows.

The more often you switch off the incandescent bulbs, the faster you burn yourself. And economic to turn off the incandescent bulbs only if You don't need the light for 10 minutes. For the manufacture of it requires a new light the more energy it's that often save off to a un short period of time. And important to understand the energy savings not as a rejection of comfort, and Vice versa, the conservation of energy (including the state) and a necessary to provide the conditions of life of the population.

Saving energy in the home

A practical way to save energy in the home does not require investments get big and empirically!

In relation to the object is the expansion constant of the electricity tariff of an increasingly important to restrict the power of the invoice cost of energy. This can be done in many ways. The most fashionable of ways of saving energy at home related to new technologies, writing about them quite a lot. There is however, the great opportunities that do not require the costs and the experience that will help you, if you follow the basic rules of the culture of consumption of energy.

Consider these possibilities in detail:

The energy savings in the lighting the common areas

Normally when considering this issue offer the instal·instal·lació of motion sensors and energy saving lamps in the als holes of scale and basements. In this case, the issue price together with the cost of the instal·instal·lació can reach enormous heights.

A simple way and that should put the un diode semiconductor (300V, 3A) in a break in the cable, includes the il·il·luminació of the stairs or in the basement. All the work jade 5 minutes. The size of the diode, and (for example, 1N5404), is located in the housing of the switch. Diode allows only one half of the d-wave voltage red. Through the reduction of the voltage in the bulbs decreases energy consumption and increases dramatically throughout the life. The author himself was to be the un testimony of the lamp is an original work of art filament of correction, in the period of 7 years.

saving energy in the home

Saving electricity in the kitchen

If you use the kettle, not necessarily before boiling, pour the to the edge. Pour all the you need now. Households still put it to heat up again. And again, you will be able to get more consumption of energy. The capacity of the electric-general, a 1.5-2 kW. And This contribution has a significant impact on the monthly consumption.

If you use the kitchen, you should know that the d choice when kitchenware that does not match the size of the plate, you lose the 5-10% of The energy a pan with a curved bottom "clothing" fins a 40-60 percent. Thus, the bottom of the dish should be smooth (and with a size corresponding to the diameter of the burner. Remember that the rapid evaporation of the water during the boiling process increases the cooking time by 30 percent. Original works of art of boiling the liquid should reduce the power supplied to the burner.

The energy savings in the wash

Read the instruction for the use of electrical appliances. Not all of the machines optimally choose the amount of water a load part. Water and more and more to the high-temperature energy to use the most up to the machine. A loading part of the machine pererastaet to 15% of The energy in the wrong wash un program by 30 percent.

Energy Savings in the il·il·luminació in the apartment

Normally, in apartments and corridors with any other are the kitchen, a constantly lit light. In this kind of place in the first place, to replace incandescent lamps for energy saving. These lamps have a warranty of at least un any. During this time they will be refunded in full and even give savings to the budget. Lamp power 14 W corresponds to approximately 60 W incandescent lamp. Simply choose the light of well-known companies.

Substantial A reduction in the consumption of electrical energy will drive the use of bright wallpaper and ceiling, transparent light curtains, a moderate amount of furniture and colors in the room. Ever s has neglected the natural light.

Saving electricity while using the refrigerator

If you are buying new appliances, choose them in category A. These devices are still in the phase of design, development, as well as the saving of energy. If we talk about refrigerators, which should be installed in the shaded cool place and apartments. If you have un compressor of the refrigerator and you are not using one of the chambers of cooling, turn off the compressor. In general machine of the refrigerator allows it.

Saving of electricity, while that of Iron

Try not to dry the clothes, as their use requires hotter iron and more to get the long desired result. Another "trick" to reduce costs, the use of the foil, which is placed under the fabric that covers the Ironing Board. Aluminium foil gives energy in the form of heat to dissipate concentrated in the softer tissue.

Saving energy while cleaning the apartment

When you use the un vacuum cleaner often throw garbage in the container for the collection, cleaning and change of filters for incoming and outflowing air. Additional aerodynamic resistance leads the un overheating of the engine cleaner strong and an increase in the consumption of electricity. For example, when the container to fill for the collection of dust in a 30% the energy consumption grows at a un 40-50%.

the energy-saving

Saving energy if you turn off d wait mode for consumer electronics

Some people think that standby mode', the appliances, of the un the hole in your pocket, leaking Its diners. For example, a TV with a diagonal of 54 sm "eats" a espera de mode d 9 kW music of the centre and of 8 kW, a video player, 4 kW of power, etc. Count their devices, why would they suspend mode? The difficult and press the on/off button? There is another aspect that are connected constantly and when the crash all may be lost. There were such cases.

Energy saving when disconnecting the mobile charger

Of course, the losses on the fact that these devices are connected constantly, and not as large as other household appliances. However, the "batteries" we are dust sources of energy, these devices "do not m like" working sense load. When not connected to mobile phone, dvd, laptop, etc. these devices s heat up, fail and can cause fire!

Computer, Internet, etc.

If you are not using un computer, for example, went to work or school, a convenient turn off computer of the car. Lengthens So that the life of the equipment and reduce the consumption of energy apartment. In addition, without a doubt, no one can steal your achievements and data in your absence, which will be of the energy.


The use of these tips simple and save your money, I effort piegaro. You will be Surely able to offer you more ways to save energy in the home. Train your brain and share the results with others. Important happiness in life, the happiness of beings human companionship!